Post QIP-submission party, Friday October 23, after work ?

Seems like we all crashed after all that rush. Let's aim for Thur next week for a dinner gathering.

Possible idea: order pizza, somehow obtain beer, and perhaps a movie at KITP,
or a BBQ or a ball game or an excursion ?

Joint Dinner, Thursday October 8

Dinner at 6:30pm.

China Pavilion at Chapala
1202 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

3 cars will leave at 6:15pm from KITP main entrance.

Joint Dinner, Thursday September 24

The plan is to have a joint dinner on Thursday evening, September 24 at around 7 pm. Also part of the plan is to have the dinner at the Beachside Bar Cafe, which is within walking distance of the KITP, but that is negotiable. The main question is: who's coming? If so, please add your name in the comment box below.

There are some other restaurants in Santa Barbara that we could consider, some of which can be reached by bus. Here is a list of some suggestions, if you have opinions about this ("I don't like sushi", "I can drive 3 people downtown..."), please add those to the comment box as well. Thanks.
  1. Madame Lu: Chinese in Santa Barbara, reachable by bus from KITP
  2. Empress Palace: Chinese in Santa Barbara, need car to get there
  3. Kyoto: Sushi in Santa Barbara, reachable by bus from KITP
  4. Beachside Bar Cafe: Seafood, at Goleta beach, walkable distance from KITP
Comment by Wim van Dam: I will come and I prefer Beachside Bar Cafe because of the easy of
getting there, although in honesty the food at the other places will be better.
Comment by Todd Brun:  I'd like to go.  I'd be fine with any of the places, but if it's one of the
further ones I'd appreciate getting a lift from someone.  Are spouses welcome/encouraged?  Or is it
just participants?
Comment by Bill Coish: I would also like to go -- slight preference for the Beachside Bar Cafe
(I would need a ride to the other places).
Comment by John Preskill: I'll come. I have a car.
Comment by Dmitry Gavinsky: I'll come. I do not have a car, but a bus would be fine for me.

Soccer Fridays @ 6pm.

  • On the grass outside the chemistry department.

Restaurants and Food Information

Breakfast Places?

Sean Hallgren asks: "Where [in Goleta] is a good breakfast place?" Two answers thus far:
  • Alphie's Restaurant at 5725 Hollister, Goleta, CA
  • Sambos at 216 W. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara

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Cultural Activities

Stargazing and the Leonids, Nov 17

General Suggestions for Excursions